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For over fifteen years, we have been providing business travel services to the satisfaction of our clients in various industries. From booking tickets to arranging complete group and incentive trips, sports trips, and events both domestically and internationally through goMICE and GSE The Agency. Within Uniglobe Alliance Travel, we work exclusively with Business Travel Consultants who have a high level of education and a minimum of five years of experience in the business travel industry. We work with over 80 experienced Business Travel Consultants. Our approach ensures that, with our five offices in Alkmaar, Almere, Arnhem, Goes, and Rotterdam, we serve more than 640 clients daily to their satisfaction. That is our passion. We go for it every day.

Our dedicated team is comprised of over 80 specialists across five offices, who work with passion and pleasure. Our daily mission remains the same: to serve you, our client, optimally. We focus on personal service and the attention of highly experienced Business Travel Consultants.Rob Jansen & Anita van Maanen
Managing Directors Uniglobe Alliance Travel


“Because we want to assist you as effectively as possible, we have developed various online tools so that we can help you even better and faster.”

Byron Bentley | Commercial Director

A professional top team is ready for you

Across five offices, we work with over 80 specialists daily, with passion and joy. And every day, we have the same mission: to serve you, as a client, optimally. We prioritize personal service and attention from highly experienced Business Travel Consultants

So that you or your colleague can travel to your appointment relaxed, no matter where in the world. You book your trips directly with your team of Business Travel Consultants. Below, you’ll get to know our specialists who will tell you more about our daily mission in the workplace


Alkmaar Office

  • Jacqueline van Overeem
    Jacqueline van Overeem Manager Operations
  • Melissa Klous
    Melissa Klous Teamleider Alkmaar
  • Linda Maaskant
    Linda Maaskant Business Travel Consultant
  • Ciska Fijnhaar
    Ciska Fijnhaar Business Travel Consultant
  • Kirsten Tiebie- Depping
    Kirsten Tiebie- Depping Business Travel Consultant
  • Maud Moleman
    Maud Moleman Junior Business Travel Consultant
  • Danique Nat
    Danique Nat Junior Business Travel Consultant
  • Karen van den Berg
    Karen van den Berg Manager MICE
  • Demelza IJsseldijk
    Demelza IJsseldijk Projectmanager flights
  • Krista Kroon
    Krista Kroon Projectmanager flights
  • Jade Boerdijk
    Jade Boerdijk Projectmanager MICE
  • Dionne Jonker
    Dionne Jonker Projectmanager MICE
  • Linda Ruijter
    Linda Ruijter Projectmanager MICE
  • Marije Koopmans
    Marije Koopmans Projectmanager flights
  • Amy Ligthart
    Amy Ligthart Projectmanager MICE
  • Ingrid Peters
    Ingrid Peters Projectmanager MICE

Almere Office

  • Jacqueline van Overeem
    Jacqueline van Overeem Manager Operations
  • Amanda Zanca
    Amanda Zanca Teamleider Almere
  • Claudia de Groot
    Claudia de Groot Business Travel Consultant
  • Jessica Smit- Franken
    Jessica Smit- Franken Business Travel Consultant
  • Denise Jacobs
    Denise Jacobs Business Travel Consultant
  • Patricia Thoen
    Patricia Thoen Business Travel Consultant
  • Chantal Mulder
    Chantal Mulder Business Travel Consultant

Arnhem Office

Goes Office

Rotterdam Office

Sales & Marketing

  • Ilona Mertens Salesmanager
  • Eline de Leur
    Eline de Leur Account manager
  • Judith van Beurden- Dommerholt
    Judith van Beurden- Dommerholt Account manager
  • Denise van den Berg
    Denise van den Berg Account manager
  • Paula van Overeem
    Paula van Overeem Sales Support
  • Dex Jansen
    Dex Jansen Sales Support
  • Scott Jansen
    Scott Jansen Sales Support
  • Dian Wenteler Coördinator Communicatie & Social Media
  • Maxime Schoones
    Maxime Schoones Coördinator Marketing & Communicatie



  • Stefanie Neeft
    Stefanie Neeft Finance
  • Hilda Veldhuis
    Hilda Veldhuis Finance
  • Robert Buzink
    Robert Buzink Finance
  • Marcel Zwart Business Controller

To Make It Simple for You!

We work with the best (and self-developed) software in the market. For example, we fully register the travel policy of your organization in our systems. This allows employees of your company to book trips directly with their own team of Business Travel Consultants or by themselves through the Travel Portal. We also provide insight through the Uniglobe Alliance Travel Management Information System. Below, we present some of our online-based solutions. Take a look with us!

Our Profile Management System: Umbrella

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