Offsetting CO2 Emissions.

Offsetting CO2 emissions has never been easier!


Sustainability remains one of the most crucial topics that we, as a society, need to address. Especially for businesses involved in international travel, offsetting CO2 emissions is a current and ongoing issue.

Many large organizations have already included a CO2 offsetting program in their travel policies, selecting specific projects aligned with their CSR policies. However, smaller companies may find it challenging to establish CSR policies, choose projects, and sign contracts. They also need to share data to determine the amount of travel and the actual CO2 emissions to be offset. We have noticed that a significant portion of our clients has the desire to:

  • Travel sustainably;
  • Offset CO2 emissions;
  • Know where their money goes;
  • Set up this process in a straightforward manner.

Seamless CO2 Offsetting for Large and Small Businesses

Seamless CO2 Offsetting for Large and Small Businesses

Uniglobe has partnered with the Climate Neutral Group to facilitate data sharing for our larger accounts and provide an excellent solution for our smaller accounts.

Uniglobe has adopted a unique set of sustainability projects, making us one of the first Travel Management Companies to do so! As a result, all our clients can choose to offset CO2 emissions in a mix of climate projects that measurably contribute to various SDGs and are certified and/or verified according to standards. In 2023, this includes a mix of cookstove projects, forest projects, and renewable energy projects.

How We Offset CO2 Emissions with Our Own Sustainability Project

  • We activate your account in our system.
  • For each booking, we display the CO2 emissions and the associated offset amount.
  • Your organization pays this amount together with the booking.
  • Uniglobe collects all amounts once a month and transfers them to the Climate Neutral Group.
  • The amounts you have offset can also be found in Uniglobe’s periodic management reports.
  • Every year, we provide an official certificate showing the amount of CO2 offset and the projects supported.

Want to know how we can offset the CO2 emissions from your business trips?

Your Personal Contact Person Is Now Available.

Sustainability in your business travel contributes to your organization’s sustainability goals. What options are available, and what is the most efficient way?

We have been assisting our clients with this for over 4 years and would be happy to do the same for you. Please feel free to email us for more information without obligation.

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