Managing Travel Administration.

Putting an end to those 10 invoices plus changes per business trip? We handle it for you with just one invoice per month!


To significantly save costs per invoice and at the same time, have your travel administration taken care of to perfection? 95 percent of our customers have gone before you with complete satisfaction. We are happy to tell you more about our payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

AirPlus Technology Industry Travel Payment Solutions

As a top 5 business travel partner worldwide, we work with the best travel administration system currently on the market: AirPlus Technology Industry Travel Payment Solutions, or simply AirPlus.

With AirPlus as a travel administration and technology partner, you enjoy many advantages: Win-win results for everyone. That’s what we like!

Benefits at a glance

  1. You receive one invoice per month (or per period) on account. In this statement, you can see what costs have been incurred – per traveler. You can provide multiple references, such as cost centers or project numbers.
  2. The statements are sorted in a clear way based on the references. High-quality data is automatically integrated into the statement, so you don’t miss anything. VAT on service fees is also separated on your monthly statement, which is useful for your VAT return.
  3. All reservations are made on a voucher. Letting the traveler advance the costs themselves is a thing of the past.

In short, the declaration processes are greatly simplified. The result? An operational cost saving of an average of around €40 per invoice. Calculate what this means for you on an annual basis! In addition, complete Management Information is made available, which is useful for future negotiations with suppliers. Long-term thinking. Achieve success. Book your next business trip through Uniglobe.

Jetty, Manager Operations location Rotterdam, about a clear travel administration.

Clear and simple reports

To be able to provide insight into your travel costs at any time, we have developed this online tool especially for our clients. Ilona introduces you to this online tool, where you can generate custom reports 24/7.

Insight into business travel costs per period is always close by. A unique and convenient online addition to your travel administration.

Your personal contact is now available.

Creating an overview in your travel administration; that’s one of my specialties. We know that the convenience for the traveler and the financial processing of the booked business travel products are important parts of the booking process. This simply saves a lot of time.

Interested in more information about our efficient payment solutions? Feel free to send me an email, and I will be happy to provide you with free advice.

Personal Attention

Short lines with your dedicated contact persons. We are not a call center and are aware of all your individual needs.

Online Booking Tools

Hours of research are finally a thing of the past. Specially developed and customized online tools offer you convenience.

Saving Costs

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We do this through smart ticketing or by negotiating prices on your routes.

International Network

We are part of the global network of Uniglobe. With more than 700 offices in 60 countries, our organization operates worldwide.

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