Providing Insight.

Finally, 24/7 insight into costs and travel schedules through our smart personal online tools.


Booking a business trip may seem simple. It is: you can arrange it via the internet in just a few minutes. However, in practice, there’s more to it. In addition to cost savings and changes in travel programs, insight into travel activities is essential. What are the biggest cost items, unnecessary expenses, and where can you save?

The problem

Hotels, trains, plane tickets, and car rentals are declared in various ways. Travelers use their own credit cards to advance costs. You can imagine that travel administration becomes messy with multiple business trips.

To monitor and map travel budgets, accurate reporting is crucial. The management information in such a report provides the ability to steer travel policies within the organization.

The Uniglobe Alliance Travel Management Information System

Within our management information system, there are various reporting options. From standard, clear reports to the most detailed and comprehensive reports. Whatever you wish. These reports are sent periodically. If desired, you can log in at any time to generate a report. This way, you always have insight into important matters such as expense analysis, supplier management, activity management, and reconciliation analysis.

Our experts provide insight into your travel administration. They’d be happy to explain how they do it.

We Care (Duty of care)

Your employee encounters a problem while traveling. They need to be helped immediately. Whether it’s a small or large problem, such as bad weather conditions, an unexpected doctor’s visit, or simply bad luck on the road: as a company, you are obliged to take responsibility. This duty of care is also known as Duty of Care. Duty of Care starts at the front door and extends until the traveler returns home.

In collaboration with Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP™), Uniglobe offers a comprehensive Duty of Care solution. We inform you in advance about the possible risks of the travel destination and mediate in case of emergencies on-site.

Of course, in the event of a serious calamity – such as an earthquake or a terrorist attack – you want to know as quickly as possible whether the traveler is safe and/or can be brought to safety. Your contact person at Uniglobe Alliance Travel knows at all times where your employee is. Our employees know exactly how to act in such situations. In addition, we are available 24/7 for questions or problems, and therefore, we can quickly respond, advise, and support where necessary. We are happy to take your worries off your hands.

Your personal contact person is now available.

What are your biggest cost items, unnecessary expenses, and where can you save? It becomes clear through the reports in our Management Information System. Do you also want to optimize your travel administration and save costs and time? I’d be happy to take a look with you, feel free to send an email.

Personal attention

Short lines with your own fixed contacts. We are not a call center and are aware of all your individual wishes.

Online booking tools

Hours of research are finally a thing of the past. Specially developed and customized online tools offer you convenience.

Cost savings

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We do this, among other things, through smart ticketing or by negotiating price agreements on your routes.

International network

We are part of the global network of Uniglobe. With more than 1,000 offices in 80 countries, our organization operates worldwide.

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