Save Costs.

Through our global network, smart ticketing, hotel programs, and experienced business travel consultants.


You’ve seen the costs of booking flights, hotels, and car rentals add up considerably. You have little control over the costs, but you still want to save on business travel expenses. How do you go about it?

A good solution is to enlist a business travel agency. By outsourcing your business travel, you save time and money. Of course, our services are not free, and you may be wondering how to still reduce costs. We’re here to explain it to you.

Our primary goal is to save you time and money. Our team always looks for the best rates and options. As a top 5 player in the global business travel market, we have purchasing power, exclusive connections, and make special rate agreements with suppliers. This includes airlines, hotels, and other suppliers in the field of business travel. Saving hundreds of euros per booking is certainly not uncommon.

We have access to the most professional global reservation systems. This allows us to map availability and prices in every possible way. Read more about our online tools here.

Our experts will explain why we save costs for you.

Payment Convenience with an AirPlus Company Account

In addition to booking, the administrative handling can also be quite dizzying. And let’s be honest. The way it often happens is old-fashioned, with a whole stack of separate invoices. At Uniglobe Alliance Travel, you have direct insight into all your travel expenses and ultimately receive one (digital) consolidated invoice. This consolidated invoice is then easily integrated into your financial administration system. And by providing internal references, costs are easily allocated.

Your personal contact is now reachable.

One of my goals is to save time and money for your organization. Through thorough travel behavior analysis of our customers, such as Leiden University and Hankook Tires Netherlands, we’ve managed to reduce travel costs by more than 15%.
I’d be happy to take a look with you to assess whether we can achieve this for your company as well!

Personal Attention

Short lines with your dedicated contacts. We’re not a call center and are aware of all your individual needs.

Online Booking Tools

Hours of research are finally a thing of the past. Specially developed and customized online tools provide you with convenience.

Cost Savings

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We do this through smart ticketing or making price agreements on your routes.

International Network

We are part of the global network of Uniglobe. With more than 700 offices in 60 countries, our organization operates worldwide.

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