Easy and Quick Business Travel Booking.

UBI offers you the opportunity to book all aspects of your business travel online through a single platform!

  • Easily book business travel online in UBI,
  • Complete offering at the best rates,
  • All travel documents in one place during the journey,
  • Easy invoicing,
  • Overview of all online bookings,
  • Support from our business travel professionals when needed.

One Stop Shop

As an organization, do you want to easily and quickly book your own business trips online? Then use UBI: the very user-friendly online booking tool from Uniglobe. With UBI, you are assured of the best travel options and can easily book a flight, hotel stay, car rental, or a train journey. You can use UBI on your desktop or mobile, and it’s available 24/7 for all your travel needs. Additionally, the Uniglobe Business Travel Consultants can provide background support. No call center or service center, but contact with the best travel professionals who can always assist you with your bookings. This way, UBI offers everything in one place, and you can reach your destination in a few clicks.

More About UBI

One Stop Shop!

The Best Travel Options in One System!

Convenient Hotel Search Engine

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Personal Support

A Rental Car Suitable for Travel Needs

Clear and Easy to Use

Easy Hotel Bookings

All Airlines in One Overview

Easy Payment on Account

Booking a Rental Car

Clear Overview of Bookings in One System

Discover the Benefits of UBI!

A user-friendly, one-stop-shop online tool for booking business travel that also saves costs. What are you waiting for?

We’re happy to outline all the advantages for you below! And if you have any questions, our team of travel experts is here for you.

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