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Over 18 years of passion for business travel!

Welcome to the rapidly growing global network of Uniglobe.


Your employees are frequently on business trips. You don’t want to spend too much time researching and booking flights, hotels, and local transportation. Besides the time-saving aspect, you want to keep your administration in order and save on travel expenses. You realize that finding the best rates with the right conditions, the most efficient routes, and times is a specialized skill.

How great would it be if you had a partner who takes care of all this for you? A partner who negotiates the best rates and considers the most complex individual needs of your travelers. A partner who handles changes easily and quickly and provides you with just one monthly consolidated invoice. A business travel agency that simply takes care of everything for you. That is our mission.

Personal attention.

Short lines of communication with your dedicated contact persons. We are not a call center and are aware of all your individual needs.

Online booking tools

Hours of research are finally a thing of the past. Specially developed and customized online tools by us provide you with convenience.

Save costs

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We achieve this through methods such as smart-ticketing and negotiating price agreements on your routes.

International network

We are part of the global Uniglobe network. With over 700 offices in 60 countries, our organization operates worldwide.


More than 640 satisfied clients have come before you!


With our advanced systems, all individual preferences of business travelers are registered. We ensure with certainty that everything is handled personally and tailor-made.

Competitive rates

Looking to save money on your business trips? You can! Through our agreements with airlines, our advanced tools, and our market knowledge, we can help you reduce your costs.


Want to be sure that everything is perfectly arranged? For over 20 years, we have been a trusted choice for renowned clients such as Randstad, Rabobank, Ford, Hema, and Total.

Internationaal netwerk

Thanks to our international Uniglobe network, we can serve you perfectly anywhere in the world. We have been globally recognized as the best business travel partner!

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