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Our online software can be used tailored to your situation. Without any additional costs.


It is wonderful to have a system that all travellers or bookers can use for all the aspects regarding travelling and the travel policy of your company. Surely, you also want to do your online bookings in a user-friendly, customised and, very importantly, excellently secured online environment? These systems contain all the travellers’ profiles. This way, our Business Travel Consultants are also immediately aware of the individual requirements or preferences. Furthermore, we make sure that the (MIS) reports are always available in your corporate style. You can obtain these periodical reports at any time (even just before a meeting). You can watch the videos below in which we give a short presentation of our online tools. Find out more about the advantages and the convenience they can offer you. We will also be happy to visit you for a personal demonstration.

Comparing global rates

Thanks to our global purchasing power, substantial savings can be made on the booking of airline tickets. Eveline, Manager Operations, explains which online tools we use to achieve this.

Your own Travel Portal

We combine all aspects of your business travels into your personal online portal. Byron, Sales Manager at Uniglobe Alliance Travel, only needs 1 minute of your time to introduce this tool to you.

All booking sites under one button

Horse21 compares all online booking sites at just one click. Doing this manually would take a huge amount of time. But with this piece of highly-advanced software, you can save on travel expenses quickly and easily.

Press play and select the English subtitles (cc).

All travellers’ profiles are securely stored

You can easily store, view, and edit the profiles of the travellers in our system Umbrella. This information can include saving schemes, preferences, passport details, and more. The system is entirely GDPR and PCI/DSS compliant.

Clear and simple reports

We developed this online tool with a view on our clients, so we can give insight into your travel costs at any moment. Ilona will explain more about this online tool which you can use 24/7 to get customised reports.

Comparing rates worldwide

Uniglobe is a global organisation. This is why both we and our clients benefit from our purchasing power and collaborations. With Travel Case we can compare airline tickets worldwide and thus save costs.

The Uniglobe Travel app

When you have installed the Uniglobe app, you no longer need any other travel app. We have bundled all information regarding your business travels in this app. Here you will find your personal itinerary (flights, hotel, car rental, etc.), you receive notifications about changes in schedules and online check-ins, you can book hotels and even transfers and taxis, you can find information about your destination (restaurants, museums, etc.), you can easily share your itinerary with your colleagues or family, and you can contact our office directly. Watch the demo-video here. 


uniglobe-travel-app door Uniglobe Alliance Travel

Simplicity and convenience at last

With our online tools which you can use free of charge.


All airlines in one place, including our specially purchased rates, so you are guaranteed of the most competitive rate.

Everything online

Online registration of your travel preferences and frequent flyer numbers. Personal information online accessible 24/7, which can be edited and is securely stored.

Sorting and comparing

Sort search results on price, schedule, airline, and even on ticket price, giving you a clear overview at a single glance.

24/7 booking

You can also use the online tools to plan, book, or request information outside office hours.


The interactive maps give you a clear overview. This makes it easy to choose the seat you prefer in the aircraft you will be flying in.

Experienced specialists

Access to the team of business travel professionals whenever you need advice, encounter a problem, or when you have specific questions or requests.

Always up to date

Our online tools always provide you with an up-to-date supply of airline tickets and hotels for your business trip.

Clear reports

Clear reports that contain all the information on all the trips that were booked and made, both online and offline.

Stored travel information

The stored travel information on previous travels makes it easy to book the same trip again.

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