Managing Traveler Profiles.

Your trips are booked in accordance with your organization’s travel policy and the personal preferences of the travelers.


For booking business trips, we use traveler profiles for the different travelers in your organization. These profiles can be easily managed, modified, and deleted. This includes loyalty programs, preferences, passport details, and more. Fully compliant with PCI/DSS and GDPR regulations.

We use a renowned system in the travel industry for this: Umbrella Faces.

Commercial Director Byron Bentley on Umbrella Faces.

Why is profile management necessary?

Profile Management is crucial for several reasons:

1. Efficiency: Managing individual traveler profiles helps streamline booking processes. When profiles are automatically synchronized and updated, information can be retrieved quickly, making the booking of trips faster and more efficient.

2. Accuracy: By centrally managing traveler profiles, errors in bookings are reduced. This reduces miscommunication and ensures that travel plans run smoothly.

3. Personalization: Having detailed traveler profiles allows for a more personalized service. This can range from seat and meal preferences to frequent flyer numbers, contributing to a better travel experience.

4. Compliance: In today’s world, privacy is of utmost importance. A robust profile management system takes into account data protection regulations such as GDPR, ensuring travelers’ privacy is safeguarded.

5. Convenience: With a system like Umbrella Faces, you receive notifications when documents such as passports and visas are expiring, helping you plan and prepare for your trips in a timely manner.

Therefore, a solid and secure profile management system is essential for any business dealing with regular business travel bookings.

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One of my goals is to save time and money for your organization. Through thorough analysis of travel behavior by our clients, such as Leiden University and Hankook Tires Netherlands, we’ve managed to reduce travel costs by more than 15%.
I’d be happy to assess if we can achieve this for your company as well!

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Short lines with your dedicated contacts. We’re not a call center and are aware of all your individual needs.

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Hours of research are finally a thing of the past. Specially developed and customized online tools offer you convenience.

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Save hundreds of euros per booking. We do this by using smart ticketing or making price agreements on your routes.

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