Discover here how we operate at Uniglobe Alliance Travel when you submit a travel request with us.


To give you a good understanding of our services, we’d like to explain how Uniglobe Alliance Travel operates when you submit a travel request with us.

We aim to provide a quote for every offline booking within 12 hours of submitting the request. If urgency is required due to the departure date and/or fare, we ensure that this request is treated as a priority.

Uniglobe Alliance Travel, for every quote request, makes a selection from the entire offering based on availability, rate, preferences, and applicable travel policy. We offer multiple options where possible.

We always explore the option of SMART Ticketing and include it in the quote if possible (e.g., interlining tickets or issuing tickets through offices abroad).

We make optimal use of the E-Global Fares System, which provides insight into rates from Uniglobe’s global network.

On the date the option expires, we always contact the booker and immediately perform a check to see if a ticket can be issued more advantageously.

We place your tickets on option, where possible, at no charge.

The handling of your bookings is carried out by experienced Business Travel Consultants.

Refunds for unused tickets are automatically generated by us.

You can authorize us to view, manage, and, if desired, spend the balances of your loyalty programs on airfare.

We offer the possibility to issue reservations for hotels, car rental, trains, taxis, visas, etc., “on voucher”.

For hotel bookings, we use Uniglobe Booking Intelligence, our own online booking tool that includes numerous international hotel brokers such as Expedia and This makes rate differences between countries transparent.

In addition to the above, we offer a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to make the cooperation with your organization a success!

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