Book your business trip online.

Our online tools are accessible, customised, and simplify complex issues.


You want to make a booking fast and easily. Whether it is an airline ticket, a hotel, a rental car, or a train journey: use our online ‘E-Travel Management’ system and you are assured of the best rates. 24 hours day, 7 days a week. With the care and flexibility you are accustomed to. And when necessary, our Business Travel Consultants offer their assistance along the booking process.

You are one of nearly 700 satisfied clients!

Simplicity and convenience at last

With our online tools which you can use free of charge.


All airlines in one place, including our specially purchased rates, so you are guaranteed of the most competitive rate.

Everything online

Online registration of your travel preferences and frequent flyer numbers. Personal information online accessible 24/7, which can be edited and is securely stored.

Sorting and comparing

Sort search results on price, schedule, airline, and even on ticket price, giving you a clear overview at a single glance.

24/7 booking

You can also use the online tools to plan, book, or request information outside office hours.


The interactive maps give you a clear overview. This makes it easy to choose the seat you prefer in the aircraft you will be flying in.

Experienced specialists

Access to the team of business travel professionals whenever you need advice, encounter a problem, or when you have specific questions or requests.

Always up to date

Our online tools always provide you with an up-to-date supply of airline tickets and hotels for your business trip.

Clear reports

Clear reports that contain all the information on all the trips that were booked and made, both online and offline.

Stored travel info

The stored travel information on previous travels makes it easy to book the same trip again.

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