Saving costs.

With our global network on tickets, hotels, and with hugely effective itineraries.


Our experts explain to you why we want to save costs for you.


With our global network on tickets, hotels, and with hugely effective itineraries.
You want to reduce the costs your organisation has to make on business travels. That looks like quite a challenge. When booking hotels, airline tickets, and meals, the costs regularly seem to go through the roof. Whatever you try to do about it. And another thing is: you actually prefer not to worry about such things and just focus on your business.

Have you ever thought of asking a business travel agency to help you out? By outsourcing the organisation of your business trips, you will save time and money. You will surely understand that our services are not entirely free of charge and you wonder how hiring us can still reduce your expenses. We will gladly explain this.

Our primary goal is to let you save time and money. Our team always looks for the most favourable rates and options. As a top 5 player in the global business travel market, we have purchasing power, exclusive connections, and we have special rate agreements with suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and other suppliers in the area of business travels. A saving of hundreds of euros per booking is certainly not an exception.

We have access to the most professional global booking systems. This enables us to get insight into the availability and rates in all kinds of ways and through many different channels. Here you can read more about our online tools.

Some companies we work for:

Personal attention

Short lines of communication with your regular contact person. We are not a call centre and are up to date with all your individual wishes and requirements.

Online booking tools

Spending hours searching for the best arrangements and conditions is now a thing of the past. Our specially developed and customised online tools offer the convenience you need.

Saving costs

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We can do this through smart ticketing or by making price agreements based on your itineraries, for example.

International network

We are part of the global Uniglobe network. With more than 1,000 offices in 80 countries, our organisation operates on a global scale.

Your personal contact person is available now.

Nice to meet you! My name is Byron, Sales Manager at Uniglobe Alliance Travel. Some of my clients for whom I have been able to reduce the travel expenses with more than 15% include Leiden University, Hankook Netherlands, and Shimano. I will be more than happy to visit you and present our expertise and services.

Easy payments with an AirPlus Company account

It is not just the entire booking process that can be pretty confusing, so is the business travel administration. And let’s be honest. The way it is often handled is rather outdated, with stacks of separate invoices. At Uniglobe Alliance Travel, you get a direct and clear view on all the travel expenses you make and you get one monthly (digital) collective invoice. This collective invoice can then be effortlessly integrated into your financial administration system. And by adding internal references, the costs can also be easily allocated.

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