Giving insight.

Thanks to our smart and personal online tools, you finally have 24/7 insight into the costs and itineraries.


Our experts give insight into your travel administration. They gladly explain how they do this.


Booking a business trip looks so easy. And so it is, because now you can do this within minutes via the internet. Nevertheless, there are so many more aspects to consider. In addition to cost savings and changes in itineraries, it is essential that you have insight into the travel activities. What are the main expenses, unnecessary costs, and where can savings be found?

The problem
Hotels, trains, airline tickets, and car rentals are charged in different ways. Travellers use their own credit card to advance costs. You can imagine that the travel administration for multiple business trips can become cluttered and confusing.

In order to monitor and gain insight into the travel budgets, it is vital to have a detailed report system. The management information in such reports gives you the opportunity to steer the travel policy within the organisation.

The Uniglobe Alliance Travel Management Information System
Our management information system offers a large variety of report options. From standard, clear reports to the most extensive and detailed ones. Whatever you want or need. You receive these report periodically. When required, you can log in at any time to generate a report yourself. This will offer you a constant insight into important issues such as the expenditure analysis, the suppliers’ management, activity management, and reconciliation analysis.

Some companies we work for:

Personal attention

Short lines of communication with your regular contact person. We are not a call centre and are up to date with all your individual wishes and requirements.

Online bookings tools

Spending hours searching for the best arrangements and conditions is now a thing of the past. Our specially developed and customised online tools offer the convenience you need.

Saving costs

Save hundreds of euros per booking. We can do this through smart ticketing or by making price agreements based on your itineraries, for example.

International network

We are part of the global Uniglobe network. With more than 1,000 offices in 80 countries, our organisation operates on a global scale.

Your personal contact person is available now.

Nice to meet you! My name is Byron, Commercial Director at Uniglobe Alliance Travel. Some of my clients for whom I have been able to reduce the travel expenses with more than 15% include Leiden University and Hankook Netherlands. I will be more than happy to visit you and present our expertise and services.

We Care (Duty of care)

Uw medewerker loopt op reis tegen een probleem aan. Diegene moet direct worden geholpen. Of het nu gaat om een klein of groot probleem, zoals slechte weersomstandigheden, een onverwachts doktersbezoek of simpelweg pech onderweg: u als bedrijf zijnde bent verplicht om de verantwoordelijkheid op u te nemen. Deze zorgplicht wordt ook wel Duty of Care genoemd. De Duty of Care begint bij de voordeur en eindigt tot aan het moment dat de reiziger weer thuis is.

In samenwerking met Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP™) biedt Uniglobe een alles omvattende Duty of Care oplossing. Zo informeren wij u vooraf over de mogelijke risico’s van de reisbestemming en bemiddelen we bij calamiteiten ter plaatse.

Natuurlijk wilt u bij een ernstige calamiteit – zoals een aardbeving of terreuraanslag – zo snel mogelijk weten of de reiziger in veiligheid is en/of kan worden gebracht. Uw contactpersoon via Uniglobe Alliance Travel weet in alle gevallen waar uw medewerker zich bevindt. Onze medewerkers weten precies hoe te handelen in dergelijke situaties.  Daarnaast zijn wij 24 uur per dag bereikbaar voor vragen of problemen en hierdoor kunnen we – waar nodig – snel schakelen, adviseren en ondersteunen. Wij nemen uw zorgen graag uit handen.

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